Our Story

When I was 5 years old my grandfather taught me how to make my first pizza. It was a great moment in my life. He came to Canada from Naples in 1961 for a better life. He began working by excavating water wells to support his family. Eventually, he began working in a pizzeria in New Toronto on Lakeshore Ave. His boss realized right away that this was not just any immigrant for Naples Italy. Soon grandpa was teaching others how to make great pizza the Napolitan way. For 35+ years he made many great pizzas and taught a number of Pizzaiolo’s how to make great pizza while never sharing all of his great secrets.

Grandpa always told me that the best food is made with the simplest and purest ingredients. Never compromise on quality and never rush to make a pizza. He said “ piano piano si va lontano” which meant never rush when you make a great pizza.


  • Our recipe is authentic and pure using natural ingredients and no preservatives
  • Our fresh vegetables are picked from The Ontario Food Terminal and are hand cut daily
  • We use low acid, low seed count Italian plum tomatoes from Campania Italy
  • Our wheat flour is free of all treatments and additives
  • People in Toronto love pizza, but when they taste Napolitan Brick Oven Pizza they will fall in love all over again; for the first time


  1. Higher cooking temperature results in a fast cooking time
  2. This heat is stored in the Italian brick walls creating even heat distribution
  3. As a result the oven crisps the outside of the pizza quickly
  4. Moisture in the dough is sealed off
  5. This prevents the base of the dough from becoming soggy
  6. Result is a crispy, chewy thin crust
  7. High heat also seals and cooks the toppings evenly
  8. Vegetable toppings are much crisper than in a regular oven
  9. This quick cooking time allows the vegetables to retain more vitamins and nutrients